Letter of over 300 Iranian-American Scientists, Scholars, Professors, Physicians, Industry Executives and Professionals to President Biden

April 7, 2021

The President

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

We write with urgency to ask for your administration’s strong and immediate actions in support of the Iranian people’s desire for a democratic, secular, and nonnuclear Republic of Iran. Your administration’s impactful actions must be directed towards blocking Iranian regime’s violation of human rights, and their export of terrorism in the region and beyond. As you craft your policy, defending human rights and democracy in Iran should be the central and enduring element of your policy on Iran.

We were encouraged by your words that you will not offer sanctions relief to the Iranian regime to get them back to the negotiating table. This gives us hope that your administration’s policies on how to deal with Iran would avoid the mistakes of the past four decades that resulted in lost opportunities, devastating outcomes, and tremendous suffering by the people in Iran and in the region. At the heart of past policy miscalculations has been the fable that there is a “moderate” faction inside the regime that can be eventually empowered. After trying for years to find such elusive faction, the world has realized that the Iranian regime in its totality is an unchangeable dictatorship that cannot give birth to a less repressive government. Policies based on this myth of “moderation” are bound for grave failures.

People, and in particular younger generations’ uprisings in Iran, with increased frequency and intensity in the last few years, have received brutal responses from the regime. The economic conditions in Iran continue to deteriorate, largely due to systemic corruption and the concentration of the wealth of the nation under the control of the Supreme Leader and the Revolutionary Guards. Thus, the regime either ignores or is incapable of attending to people’s needs. In the last 4 years, hunger, poverty, and dire economic conditions have been the initial trigger of the uprisings, but people’s demands quickly evolved to regime change. Their call is loud and clear, and cannot be ignored.

To repress people’s revolt, regime has paired domestic intimidation with terror abroad. As a tool of statecraft, terrorism has been on the regime’s agenda since it came to power in 1979. In recent years, the clerical regime has expanded its terrorist operations in Europe and the U.S. Several European court cases and judicial decisions have confirmed that all the regime’s terrorist acts are ordered at the highest levels. Embassies have provided the safe haven for Iran’s intelligence apparatus, and its active and dormant terrorists.

We, respectfully request that your administration develop and implement decisive policies and roadmaps that side with the Iranian people and their legitimate desire for a free, secular and democratic Iran, and will end Iranian regime’s malign and dangerous expansion of its terrorism in the world, and funneling Iranian people’s resources to fund extremists in the region, as Iranians chant, “leave Syria alone, think about us.”

Furthermore, no sanctions relief or concession should be provided to the Iranian regime, unless the Iranian regime, would verifiably end its human rights abuses in Iran, terrorism abroad, and abandon its destructive support for proxies in the region.

There is a historic opportunity to support the people of Iran. We trust that you would use this opportunity to do so.

Most respectfully,

Signed by 300 original sponsors


  • The Honorable U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken
  • Honorable members of the U.S. Senate
  • Honorable members the U.S. House of Representatives


Akbar Nikooie, Founder and President, Cartronics Inc.;

Alborz Bahador, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, HCCC Health Center;

Ali Parsa, Professor of History, California State University, Fullerton;

Saeid Sajadi, MD, Cosmetic Surgeon;

Sepeedeh Mahmoudi, Professor of Accounting, California State University Pomona;

Babak Dadvand, Senior Principal Engineer and Associate Director of Facilities Engineering, Gilead;

Behzad Raofi, PhD, Chief Validation Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory;

Farrokh Vatan, PhD, Data Scientist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory;

Firouz Daneshgari, Professor of Surgery, Urologist, Case Western Reserve University;

Hamid Allamehzadeh, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Eastern New Mexico University;

Hamid Sangabi, Professor of Mathematics, State University of NY;

Hassan Jamshidian, VP OF Engineering, CONESYS INC.;

Hossein Sadeghpour, Professor and Director of Institute for Theoretical Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics, Harvard University;

Shahin Momenian, Attorney at Law;

Siamak Shojaei, Professor of Economics & former Dean of Business;

Hossein Saiedian, Professor of Computer Science, University of Kansas;

Kazem Kazerounian, Professor of Engineering, University of Connecticut;

Ramesh Sepehrrad, Author, Scholar, Cybersecurity Executive and Professor, George Mason University;

Zohreh Talebi, Professor of Molecular Genetics, Children’s Mercy Medical Center;

Abby Ameri, Computer Engineer and CEO, Exxoteck Inc.;

Ahmad Rad, MD, ER Physician, NHS;

Al Moridi, Founder and CEO, AMT Intero;

Amene Amanpour, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Reston Hospital Center;

Amir Bolurchi, System Engineer and Executive Director, S&B Strategies;

Aref alvandy, Senior Principle Engineer, Enterprise Information Systems, OST Global;

Auti Soltani, Psychologist and Leadership Development Trainer, Vistage Inc.;

Behrooz Aalam, Senior Staff Engineer, General Electric Aerospace, Los Angeles;

Cyrus Samet, PharmD, Managing Pharmacist, University of MD Medical System;

Dara Maleki, Civil and Environmental Engineer, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans);

Davood Farahani, Structural Engineer, Naamco construction;

Ehsan Latif, Director of Engineering, Conch Connectivity Solutions;

Farhad Ghoddoucy, Electrical engineer and Owner/CEO, Advanced engineering solutions;

Fariba Rad, Senior Data Analyst, Neek Foundation;

Farzad Saedi, Computer Engineer and Operations Data Analyst, Magna International;

Fred Dastmalchi, Transportation Engineer, PE, CalTrans;

Glenn Allen Torshizi, Senior Radio Frequency Engineer, T-Mobile/ Washington DC;

Hamed Yazarloo, Data Analyst Consultant, Freddie Mac;

Hamid Azimi, Principal Applications Engineer, Oracle Corp.;

Hassan Soltani, Civil Engineer and Founding Partner, Soltani Construction Inc;

Homayoun Dehkordi, Electrical Engineer, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority;

Hooshmand Niroumand, Register ICU Nurse, Veteran Administration Medical Center;

Hossein Beladi, Senior Civil Engineer, Burns & McDonnell;

Jafar Ravanvakhsh, Structural Engineer, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans);

Javad Mirabdal, Transportation Engineer, City and County of San Francisco;

Javad Seyedi, Electrical Engineer and Senior Staff Member, HP Inc.;

Javid Shenasi , Transportation Engineer &National Pollution Discharge Elimination Coordinator, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans);

Jila Kazerounian, Information Technology Director, University of Connecticut;

Korush Jalali, PharmD, Allied health;

Monir Rezai, Architect, HomeSmart Engineering;

Leyla Rahmat, MD, Family Medicine, Kaiser Permanente;

Lida Radfar, DDS, Clinical Professor, University of Oklahoma;

Mahshid Naini Aalam, Pharmacist (RPh), AIDS Healthcare Foundation;

Mahtab Moridi, Registered Clinical Dietitian, Kaiser Permanente;

Mahvash Dadvand, Registered CCU Nurse, Mission Community Hospital ;

Majid Saatchi, Managing Partner, Saatchi & Saatchi, New York;

Majid Sadeghpour, PharmD, Lead Pharmacist, CVSHealth;

Mandana Roushan, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Founder, New Wave Behavior Consultation LLC;

Masood Abooali, Electrical Engineer and Director of Network Engineering, Flir Systems Inc.;

Mehran Shojayi, Civil Engineer, Project Engineer, PayCon Construction;

Mehrdad Sarhangie, PharmD, In-patient pharmacist, Alta Medical Groups;

Mohamad Jahanbani, Senior Process Engineer, ON Semiconductor, Inc;

Mona Rezai, Architect, HomeSmart Engineering;

Nabegheh Hojabri, Materials Engineer, SDI engineering;

Nasreen Azadian, PhD, LAC, Holistic Nutritionist and Acupuncture Orthopedist (DNBAO), San Antonio Pain Relief;

Nasser Sharif, President, California Society for Democracy in Iran;

Niloufar Ahmad, MD, Physician, Hendricks Regional Health;

Parvin Alavi, VP of Finance, Pro Specialties Group INC;

Payam Chitsazan, PharmD, Pharmacist, Walmart;

Ray Sabo, CEO, OC Dental Corp.;

Reza Sami, Professor of Mining Engineering, Colorado School of Mines;

Reza Tabatabai, Mechanical Engineer (PE), VAMC-Consultant;

Reza Tahmasebi, PhD, CEO, Sun Automation;

Reza Tand, Executive Vice President, Summit Technologies Inc.;

Rosie Rahmati, System developer, Systemite;

Saeed Kermani, Information Technologies consultant, Cisco;

Saeid Ahmadi, Medical Sonographer, Valley Medical Center of San Jose;

Saeideh Afshar, System Analyst, University of Los Angeles;

Shahin Toutounchi, PhD, Electrical Engineer and Senior Director, Xilinx;

Siamak Keivan, PharmD, Pharmacist, Northgate Pharmacy;

Sima Yazdani, Sr Manager, Data Sciences, Cisco Systems;

Soolmaz Abooali, PhD in Political Science, National and World Champion in Karate, George Mason University;

Toraj Shahabi, Senior Application Engineer, Ublox America;

Yasamin Shenasi, Psychologist and Therapist, Eden Foundation;

Zahra Radjavi, MPA, Senior Program Manager, Gates Ventures;

Abbas Keshavarzi, Operating Room Technologist, Methodist health system;

Aboozar Hesami, Senior Software Developer, Open Systems International;

Afshin Mombeinipour, Project Manager, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines;

Ahmad Moeinimanesh, Senior Electronic Engineer and General Manager, BayDent Corporation;

Akbar Taher, Structural Engineer, Babcock power Inc.;

Ali Farahani, Mechanical Engineer, Naamco Construction;

Ali Khosravian, Medical Technician (CPHT), UMD Medical Center;

Ali Soltani, Electrical Engineer, Rockwell Automation;

Amir Emadi, MBA, President & CEO, Toofon, Inc. (an Aerial Logistics Company);

Amir Heidarian, Electrical Engineer and President, Armons LLC;

Bahram Emami, Pilot, Hawaiian Air Charter;

Bantam Arnakan, Construction Engineer, Greeley and Hansen;

Beatrice Jamshidian, Sales Manager, Conesys Inc.;

Beth Dehghan, Founder and Director, womenNC Womennc.org;

Bijan Shahir, University Instructor in Mathematics, University of Oregon;

Damon Roozbehan, Pharmacist, Kaiser Permanente;

Davood Binayifaal, Principal, Matrix Vending Corp.;

Farrah Esteki, Medical Technologist, Parker Adventist;

Farzaneh Khajehei, PharmD, Pharmacist, 4M pharmaceuticals ;

Fazeleh Rassouli, Owner and General Manager, Bahri Corporation;

Fereshteh Hamd, Registered Nurse, Davita Dialysis;

Fereshteh Karim, Software Engineer, VMWare;

Gholam Bakhtiari, PharmD and President, B&K drug stores Inc.;

Hashem Ghazi, Transportation Engineering Technologist, California Transportation (CalTrans);

Hasti Hesami, Medical Dosimetrist, Memorial Sloan Kettering;

Jaleh Moazzami, Computer Engineer, Computer plus Co.;

Jay Azari, Owner and Executive, AZARI RUG GALLERY;

Kareem Zengeneh, Engineer and Investor, Discover Inv Group LLC;

Ken Nooshi, Owner and Manager, Ken Nooshi Insurance;

Mahin Filabi, Founder and President, Travelers network;

Majid Noroozi, Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, State of California;

Manoocher Aria, Entrepreneur and Owner/Executive, KNP llc ;

Manoocher Shadnia, TV broadcast Engineer, ABC-TV Chicago;

Mary Kar, Accountant, First American Title;

Masoud Dolati, Manufacturing Engineer and Product Manager, Cemco Steel;

Matheau Taher, Senior Account Executive and Strategist, FIBA Technologies, Inc;

Mehdi Razavi, Engineer and Entrepreneur, Tesla;

Menchu Beladi, RN, Registered Nurse and Case Manager, Amita Health;

Mike Nourai, Mortgage Banker;

Milad Farzam, Political Scientist, JD Candidate and Vice President of Florida Immigration Law Assoc., Gainesville University, Florida;

Moe Alafchi , Professional Engineer, LB Electric;

Mohammad Hosein Tasooji, Faculty of English, California State University San Marcos;

Mohammad Mogaledi, Industrial Engineer, Medtronic;

Mona Jam, CAPM Business Analytics, UT Dallas;

Morteza Mohammadzadeh, CEO, B&M Electronics Co. & b&M Holding Co.;

Nasrin Saifi, Financial Analysts, University of California Berkeley;

Pari Mohair, Managing Director, Home Couture Design Group;

Parvin Bassiri, Health Information Manager and Head of medical records, Kaiser Permanente;

Payam Sabo, Vice President, Doctor Brite Corporation;

Pedrom Tand, MBA, Finance Specialist, Henry Schein;

Peymaneh Mirshafiei, Computer Engineer, Mountain View Smiles;

Phillip Choobin, Software engineer and Owner/Executive, Computer Plus;

Pouya Ataey, MD, Eastern Virginia Medical School;

Raheleh Nejat, Medical Phlebotomists, Mercy Medical Center;

Reza Kamandar, Math Coordinator, Alief Independent School District;

Reza Mohkami, Owner and President, Sand and Gravel Inc.;

Reza Nemovi , Aerospace Research Engineer and Inventor, California Institute Of Technology ;

Rose Moeinimanesh, Optical Technologist, Tinsley Laboratories;

Sadaf Ebrahimi, Radiology Technologist, Kaiser Permanente;

Saeed Sabeti, President, Sabeti Insurance and Investment Services;

Saeid Ghaemi, Founder and President, EAS Inc.;

Sarosh Cooper, PhD, Psychologist and Founder, Footprint New Jersey, LLC;

Shahram Homayounfar, Corporate Controller, Diving Unlimited International Inc.;

Shaida Amin, President and General Manager, Capitol Entertainment;

Shakiba Sedighi, Recruiting Coordinator, Salesforce;

Shanaz Kia, Clinical Pharmacist, Kaiser Permanente;

Shirin Nariman, President, Women United Against Fundamentalism;

Simin Sabo, Vice President, OC Dental Corp.;

Sohrab Shirali, Civil Engineer, Merric home & services;

Susan Vakili, Sonographer, Massachusetts General Hospital;

Tim Ghaemi, President and CEO, Alborz Real Estate Co;

Vahid Zarabi, Lab Technologist, UCLA;

Aaron shah, Electrical Engineer;

Abi Vahdatinia, City & Regional Planner;

Abraham Chehrehgoshay, Civil Engineer;

Afsaneh Esmaeilbeigi, MD, OBGYN;

Afsaneh Shojaie, Political Scientist and Public Relations Consultant;

Afsuneh Asadian, Nurse;

Ahad Bagherdai, Electronics Engineer;

Ahmad Aghababa, Industrial Engineer;

Alec Kairgadam, Senior Systems Fellow;

Ali Abbaszadeh, Founder and Managing Partner;

Ali Jafarzdeh, Virginia Safety Specialist and Inspector;

Ali Nezhadi, Industrial Management Engineer;

Ali Nouri, Accountant;

Ali Radjavi, PhD, Immunologist;

Ali Sadighi, Software Engineer;

Ali Sanjabi, Accountant;

Ali Shenavari, Civil Engineer;

Ali Soudjan , Industrial Engineer;

Alireza Khademi , Musician, Violinist;

Arash Dadvand, B.S. Business Information Systems Specialist;

Arshia Kia, Electrical Engineer;

Arshika Khorshid, International business/marketing;

Ashraf Zadshir, MD, Family Medicine and Associate Professor;

Azam Shahriary, Biologist;

Azar Goodarzi, Gifted and Talented Children Educator;

Azita Saraf, Early Childcare Educator;

Bagher Momeni, Business Administration and Production Management Specialist;

Bahman Zangenah, Professor and Economist;

Bahram Maheronnaghsh, Architect;

Bahram Raofi, MD, Radiologist;

Behnam Janloo, Political Scientist;

Behrooz Shojanezhad, Operational Risk Analyst;

Behruz Moeinimanesh, Executive Chef (BS Culinary);

Elena Tand, Physician Assistant;

Farideh Sedighi, Software Engineer;

Farrokh Heidari, Computer Engineer;

Farshid Fotoohi, Retired RN and Respiratory Therapist;

Fatemeh Nema, Registered Nurse Practitioner;

Fereshteh Jarvandi, DDS, Dentist;

Flora Ebrahimi, Data Analyst, Medical Records Administrator;

Forouzandeh Hosseini, Register Nurse;

Fred Parsay, Sr. Principal Engineer;

Hadi Attaei, Mechanical Engineer;

Hadi Mehrsefat, Professor of Business Administration;

Hamid Goudarzi, Pathologist and Medical Laboratory Scientist;

Hamid Naghipour, Biologist;

Hannane Amanpour, Entrepreneur and Enterprise Founder, JD Candidate;

Hassan Beheshti, IT System Administrator;

Hassan Hadad, Mechanical Engineer;

Hassan Meimandi, Operating Room Technologist;

Hassan Rezai, Electrical Engineer;

Helen Fallahi, Application Integration Manager;

Homeira Hesami, Medical Physicist;

Homeyra Sami, Instructional assistance;

Hoshang Soleimaninejad, DDS, Dentist;

Hossein Jahansouz, PhD, Senior Bioengineering Scientist;

Hossein Panah, Mechanical Engineer, Entrepreneur and Executive;

Houshang Afifian, Electrical Engineer;

Houshang Ebrahimi, MD, Internal Medicine;

Jafar Kazemnia, Mechanical Engineer;

Jalal Hesami, Laboratory Technologist;

Javad Gerami, Civil Engineer and Marketing Executive;

Joanne Maryam McIntosh, Writer and Editor;

Kambiz Parvaresh, Engineer, Inventor and Entrepreneur;

Karim Moradi, Computer Engineer;

Kasra Nejat, Civil Engineer;

Khalil Khani, PhD, Environmental Scientist;

Kobra Abedini, Pharmacist;

Leila Jadidi, Chemist;

Mahmoud Vakili, Environmental Engineer;

Mahnaz Nasseri, PhD, Material Engineer;

Mahnaz Taghavi, Gifted and Talented Children Educator;

Majid Haghighiyan, DDS, Dentist;

Malih Shoja, Mathematician and Educator;

Mandy Dehghan, Hospital Operations Manager;

Maral Abooali, Psychologist;

Mark Falsafi, Physician;

Maryam Yazdi, Artist and Educator;

Masomeh Ataey, Biologist and Educator;

Masood Maghsoodi, Pharmacist;

Masood Noorahani, Electronic Engineer;

Max Mostaghimi , Mechanical Engineer;

Mehdi Sane, Engineer and Construction manage;

Mehran Ebrahimi, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineer;

Mehraz Rahimi, Founder and President of Human Rights and Democracy in Iran;

Melody Badiee, PharmD, Clinical Pharmacist;

Michael R Taher, DMD, Dentist;

Mike Nemovi, Chemist;

Mike Ouji, MD, Family practitioner;

Mina Entezari, Psychologist;

Mina Hakimi, Medical Nurse;

Mitra Samani, Linguist and Translator;

Moe Khoshbou, Software Engineer and IT Application Developer;

Mohammad Amini, Environmental Scientist;

Mohammad Riahi, Electrical Engineer;

Mohammad Vakili, Physicist and Entrepreneur;

Mohammad Omidvar, Biologist;

Mojgan Fahimi, Architect;

Mojgan Ramezani, Dentist (DDS);

Morteza Mohammadi, Architect;

Moslem Filabi, Olympic wrestler and medalist;

Mouna Zarghami, MBA;

Nader Ehsani, DMD, Orthodontist;

Nader Moavenian, Software Engineer;

Nasrin Kafi, Registered Nurse;

Nazy Afshari, Accountant;

Niloo Farahani, Pediatric Dentist (PDS);

Nima Afshari, Musician;

Omid Abdeshahzadeh, Information Technologist;

Paran Amirinazari, Dr. of Music (D.M.A.);

Parisa Soltani, Mathematician and Educator;

Parivash Moradi, Senior R&D Chemist;

Parviz Nejad, Textile Manufacturing Technologist;

Pooran Arbabi, Registered Dental Hygienist;

Rahman Rahmani, Psychologist;

Ray Kafi, Civil engineer;

Ray Soltani, Psychotherapist;

Reza Chitsazan, Chemical Engineer;

Reza Rousta, PhD, Dr. of Engineering;

Reza Safaie, Senior Computer Engineer;

Rezvan Shahrokni, Electrical Engineer;

Robert Tabatabai, Investment Executive;

Robin Taher, DMD, Dentist;

Rosa Rassi, Accountant;

Roya Johnson, Software Engineer;

Sadaf Mirzai, Software Engineer;

Sadegh Shojai, Mechanical Engineer and Master of Engineering Management;

Saeed Khanaman, Mechanical Engineer;

Sam Kermanian, Civil Engineer and Community Leader;

Samira Peyravi, Nurse Practitioner, Internal Medicine;

Setareh Vatan, BFA, Artist and Photographer;

Seyed R. Kharazi, Civil engineer;

Shahla Afifian, Registered Nurse;

Sheila Amirinazari, Writer;

Sheila Neinavaie, Software Engineer;

siavash Tavakoli, Dentist (DDS);

Sidan Derakhshan, Medical X-ray Technician;

Sima Kainejad, PhD, Psychotherapist;

Tahereh Nejadian, Senior Software Designer;

Thomas Nabi, Software Engineer and Entrepreneur and Executive;

Vaji Yegani, Software Engineer;

Yasmin Vakili, Microbiologist;

Yousef Mahdavi, PhD, Human Behavior;

Yousef Parizad, Real Estate Developer;

Zahra Amanpour, MBA, Entrepreneur and Enterprise Founder;

Zahra Nejat, Registered Nurse;

Zahra Sadeghpour, PharmD, Pharmacist;

Azadeh Sami, DD, DO, Pediatrician, Physician

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